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Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread

I hope you stop what you are doing right now and order this bread, It is out of this world. Yes, it is a little pricey but we are worth it right? I am so sick of the gummy, dense crap on the market when it comes to bread. There are only a few that in my opinion are worthy of being on my dinner plate. Sorry, it sounds rude but gesh come on, we need us some good gluten-free bread, right?

During the recent COVID-19 Pandameic there was a surge of people making sourdough bread on the internet. It literally was driving me crazy. I researched how to make gluten-free sourdough and very quickly threw that idea in the trash. I am a simple cook, who wants to wait freaking 4 days to have bread?

However, I could not get those dang pictures of all of those beautiful loaves out of my head. I wanted a sourdough piece of bread really REALLY bad. I did a little more research and decided to let someone ELSE do all the hard work and I all I would have to do was slice it and toast it ­čÖé

The only gluten-free sourdough bread already baked that I have thought was eatable was one by a company called Cooks. Their bread is OK but nothing like the bread I found when I discovered Bread SRSLY. The first thing that I loved about Bread SRSLY was that it is made without some of the top allergens. I am not sensitive to some of them but I have a lot of followers that are and it makes me happy they have a new bread in town to enjoy. Their backstory is also something that captured my heart. You can read more about it here.

My favorite of all of their bread is the Sweet Onion. However, if you are brand new to this company and their bread, I would suggest their three-pack. It comes with Sweet Onion, Seeded, and Original. You can use the coupon code judysgfpantry at checkout and get free shipping too!

Remember I would not suggest anything to you that I would not thoroughly enjoy putting on my plate.

Today’s breakfast for Mike was peanut butter toast on their seeded sourdough bread and avocado toast on their sweet onion. Mine was a poached egg on top of a piece of the sweet onion sourdough bread.

The ingredients in their bread are not only gluten-free but they are also vegan. It is not often you find that combo to be tolerated by our tastebuds when it comes to bread right? These are the ingredients of their classic sourdough. Ingredients (non-GMO): Organic White Rice Flour, Organic Millet Flour, Organic Sorghum Flour, Arrowroot, Sourdough Starter (Water, Organic Sorghum Flour), Xanthan Gum, Kosher Salt. If you are worried about carbs I have one thing to say. Let it go and eat this bread. However, this bread is not super high in carbs compared to other gluten-free bread on the market. The original sourdough has 22 net carbs. I watch carbs so please know I am not making light of this but if you want to have a good piece of gluten-free bread save those carbs and use them on this good stuff.

The one thing you need to be aware of with this bread is that it freezes great BUT you must slice it before you freeze it. It slices perfectly and fits right back into the original bag that is made for the freezer. The other thing I want to remind you of is that as with almost all gluten-free bread, it always tastes best if you toast it before eating.

I hope you try this bread. I really think you will love it. PS: They also have rolls but I have not had them yet. If you try them let me know how they taste.

Do not forget to use the coupon code judysgfpantry at checkout and get free shipping!

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